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  How it Works          

1. Client interview via the phone, in person, emailed form or all   

    a)   Services needed
    b)   Objective
    c)    Fears, problems and whys
    d)    Past experience 
    e)    Time frame 
    f)     Results expected
    g)    Cost of services (approximate)

2. Research (depending on service)   

     a)   Review portfolio and make suggestions
     b)   Interview new service provider if needed

3. Execution

    a)   Prepare client and attend meetings
    b)   Allocate portfolio if needed    
    c)   Help with mortgage and budgeting 
4. Conclusion and Payment

    a)   Review outcome
    b)   Critique of services
    c)   Final Payment due

The Kross Group is paid only by the client. We will try to negotiate a better price or fee for you.